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version 1.0d4
Copyright © 2001 wayne a. lee <>

What is RestTimerX?

RestTimerX is a utility for Mac OS X that reminds you to take breaks from typing, at intervals you specify. It operates in a similar way to Kensington MouseWork's "Rest Reminder" feature—however, since the current beta version of MouseWorks for Mac OS X is missing "Rest Reminder", I decided to write my own replacement.

What's New

Now, rather than being reminded to take a break by an alert that takes the keyboard focus away from whatever you were doing (which is a PAIN), it's now a big, translucently-overlaid banner that can't be hidden. Take a look at the screenshot (100k) to see what I mean. It also lets you know when your rest break is over.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.0.x


Current Version

Old Versions

Copyright Info

RestTimerX 1.0d4
Copyright © 2001 wayne a. lee

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